Security Light Request
West Kentucky RECC will furnish, install, and maintain your choice of a 70-watt, 108-watt, or a 202-watt (directional) LED outdoor light on an existing cooperative pole with a transformer present for a monthly fee, which is included in your monthly bill. The monthly fee varies, depending on your choice of light. If there not an existing cooperative pole in the desired light location, West Kentucky RECC will install a pole for a one-time fee of $150.To initiate the installation of an outdoor light on your property, please complete and submit the form below. Before the light is installed, we require payment of the first-year’s usage ($120 for the 70-watt choice). After the first year, a monthly fee of approximately $10 will appear on your bill. A one-time connect fee of $25 will be added to your first bill after the light is installed.
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