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If you have any questions, please contact WKRECC at 270-247-1321; 1-877-4WKRECC or by visiting our website here.

Contact Information
WKRECC representatives will call to schedule an installation appointment using the phone number you have listed below.
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Generator Information
Note that not all generator brands and models are compatible with the GenerLink™ system.
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Please select the GenerLock Cord connection that matches your generator.
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GenerLink™ Information
Select your GenerLink™ system from these choices:
Less than 10kW:
30 amp without surge protection - MA23-N - $789.00
30 amp with surge protection - MA23-S - $868.00

10kW or greater:
40 amp without surge protection - MA24-N - $921.00
40 amp with surge protection - MA24-S - $1,001.00

Set prices include installation fee, shipping and applicable taxes.

GenerLink™ Choice:
One 20' cord is included in set price above. Members wishing to upgrade to a longer cord can indicate preferred length below:
Cord Length:
Payment Information
If you enter into a payment plan agreement, payments will be billed in the amount of $100 per month for five consecutive billing periods plus an initial payment equal to the total unit price less $500.00 (see Terms and Conditions below).

Please indicate your payment choice below, either to pay the full fee upfront or a payment plan of an initial payment followed by 5 monthly payments of $100.00 each.
Payment Type:
GenerLink™ Contract Agreement

Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between WKRECC and the member-signer(s) of this document. The member(s) acknowledges that he/she understands and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

1. If the member(s) enters into a payment plan agreement for the purchase of their GenerLink™, payments will be billed on the associated account's regular monthly electric bill in the amount of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) for five consecutive billing periods and shall be considered due upon the same date as the electric service. An initial payment is required to enter into the payment plan agreement. Initial payment will equal the balance of total unit price less $500.00.

2. The GenerLink™ system remains the property of WKRECC until which time the full price has been paid. The GenerLink™ system is subject to repossesion if contract specifications are not met. In the event of repossession, no reimbursements shall be made.

3. If the associated account is closed prior to the term date. the member(s) will be responsible for the unbilled portion of the GenerLink™ payment at the time that the account is closed.

4. The GenerLink™ system can only be installed, serviced or removed by WKRECC representative.

5.If a member(s) requests disconnection of the GenerLink™ system, no fee will be charged. However, if the member(s) moves to another location on the WKRECC system, a reconnection fee of $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) will be charged to move the GenerLink™ system.

6. Warranties are provided by the manufacturer and all claims must be handled by GenerLink™. 1-800-886-3837.

7. Any warranties are provided by the GenerLink™ manufacturer. The member(s) shall hold WKRECC harmless for any liability in connection with the operation, service and installation of the GenerLink™ system. Interruption or failure of the GenerLink™ system shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement, nor shall WKRECC, its officers, directors or employees be liable to the consumer of to third parties for any damages which might result from such interruption or failure.

As the member(s) entering into this contract, I/we agree to the terms of this contract.

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