Outdoor Light Application

1. The Cooperative will install and maintain security lights on Cooperative-owned poles only. The Cooperative will not install or maintain security lights on member-owned poles.

2. The Cooperative will furnish, install, and maintain, for a service fee as set forth in the Cooperative’s Schedule of Fees, any standard security light offered by the Cooperative, on an existing Cooperative owned pole with secondary voltage readily available.

3. The Cooperative shall furnish electric service for the security light. This service shall be un-metered and billed monthly in accordance with the rates, charges, and provisions contained in the Cooperative’s Outside Lighting Rates, Schedule LS, as modified, adjusted, or replaced from time to time by agreement between the Cooperative and TVA.

4. Any member requesting a security light, which requires the installation of a service pole, will be required to pay an aid to construction as set forth in the Cooperative’s Schedule of Fees and will be billed an additional monthly charge per pole as set forth in the Cooperative’s Outside Lighting Rate Schedule.

5. Upon initial installation of the security light, the member shall pay, in addition to any charges aforementioned, an advance equal to the monthly billing rate multiplied by 12 for each light and/or pole set to provide said lighting with the exception of security lights installed at the time of new construction, which will require no 12 month advance payment.

6. In the event a transformer must be installed, the member shall be required to pay in advance, the installation cost of the transformer as set for in the Cooperative’s Schedule of Fees and an additional monthly charge for the usage cost of the transformer as set forth in the Cooperative’s Outside Lighting Rate Schedule.

7. In the event that a primary pole must be added, or in the event that an extension of the primary line is required, the total cost of such construction shall be paid by the member.

8. The member shall furnish a location for the security light, and the member and a representative of the Cooperative’s engineering staff must agree upon said location. In the event a new pole is set for the security light said pole should be within 150 feet of the nearest transformer. In the event more than one pole is required to serve the security light location said poles will be spaced no farther than 150 feet apart. In any case, the direct line of sight between the pole(s) and transformer should be clear of any obstacles such as trees, antenna’s, etc. Any tree trimming or cutting required shall be the responsibility of the member.

9. The security light, together with the poles and conductors, may be removed at any time upon failure of the member to pay any applicable charges.

10. The security light, together with the poles and conductors, shall remain the property of the Cooperative, and will be removed at the request of the member. In the event the light is removed before the advance is used, the member shall forfeit the remaining balance. Any light removed at the request of the member will not be reinstalled for a period of 12 months following removal.

11. The customer shall exercise proper care to protect the property of the cooperative. In the event that the security light is destroyed at any given location, for any reason other than lightning, two (2) times within a two (2) year period, the Cooperative, at its option, may completely remove the security light and its associated installation, and will no longer be obligated to install or maintain any security light at that location. The member may have the option of paying the entire cost associated with a new security light each time it is destroyed after the second occurrence. Said cost will include all materials, mileage, and labor, required to repair the light.

12. The customer shall report any security light service interruptions to the Cooperative. The Cooperative will make any necessary repairs as soon as possible, but only during the regular working hours of the Cooperative. No reduction will be made to the member’s monthly charge for service interruption time due to equipment failure or other causes beyond the control of the Cooperative.

13. In the event a customer requests to have a security light installed and said customer is not a member of the Cooperative, said customer will be required to become a member of the Cooperative before the lighting unit is installed.

14. In the event a member moves out or discontinues service with the Cooperative, and in the event a new member or existing member wishes to continue the light service, said new member will pay the monthly rate as determined in accordance with the Cooperative’s Outdoor Lighting Rate Schedules. In the event the light service has been disconnected, a connect fee as set forth in the Cooperative’s Schedule of Fees will apply.

15. In the event a member is disconnected for non-payment, security lights associated with the disconnected account will be disconnected and removed after 14 days.

16. In the event a member requests the relocation of an existing security light, all aforementioned charges are applicable for said relocation and said relocation will be handled in accordance with the Cooperative’s Relocation of Cooperative’s Facilities policy.

Member Information
Outdoor Light Information
If a pole is needed, our field engineer will call you to meet on site.
If pole is existing, describe the pole location and indicate which direction you would like the light to face:
Fee Schedule
70 Watt108 Watt202 Watt
Residential - Existing PoleUpfront Fee$120.00165.00252.00
Monthly Fee10.0013.7521.00
Residential - Install PoleUpfront Fee644.72689.72776.72
Monthly Fee12.0615.8123.06
General Power- Existing PoleUpfront Fee127.20174.96267.12
Monthly Fee10.6014.5822.26
General Power- Install PoleUpfront Fee653.36701.12793.28
Monthly Fee12.7816.7624.44
The Upfront Fee is the total approximate charges for 12 months plus Pole Installation (if needed).

The Monthly Fee is the approximate monthly charge after the first year.

*These fees do not include one-time $25 connect fee – it will be added to account after outdoor light is connected.

**For Prepay accounts, the $25 connect fee should be charged and collected upfront.
Once your request is submitted, you will receive an email detailing the payment amount and instructions on ways to pay.
Note: After payment is made, please allow 10 to 15 working days for the light to be installed.

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